Services provided by Sprachkind


Pure elucidation: unilateral consecutive interpreting (the language direction remains constant) for all-day workshops or interpreting short content. Or bilateral consecutive interpreting (in both language directions), serving as a link during negotiations with several participants.


Consecutive interpreting (unilateral: one language direction)

CHF 1’550.– per day(max. 6 hours)

Consecutive interpreting (bilateral: both lanugage directions)

CHF 400.– for meetings up to two hours, each additional hour CHF 175.
Meetings for 4 participants max.

Client feedback

«Sprachkind supports us on a regular basis by revising copy with different target groups and by helping out with conceptual work. Working with her is always pragmatic and solution-oriented. She is highly professional and convinces with her high quality work. We love to work with Sprachkind.»

Kathrin Steiger CEO Schtifti Foundation

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