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Concept & Strategy

Sprachkind develops a clear strategy for your communication, identifies your USP or your entire value proposition, outlines your communication concept, and develops a content strategy for your service or product.

These topics can be explored in a workshop setting, or Sprachkind can develop communication concepts, strategies, and goals for you. Sprachkind’s consulting can also be on a specific topic of your choice.

On a one-time basis, as a project manager, or as a sparring partner. On a regular assignment or on an hourly basis. Flexible, the way it suits you best.

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Excerpt from the portfolio

effectives GmbH

Workshop for effective’s positioning on the market

Sprachkind conducted a one-day workshop with the management team for the positioning of effectives. Their online and offline presence is currently being redesigned based on the results of this workshop. This process is accompanied by Sprachkind in all language matters. The following topics were addressed in the workshop:

  • Client analysis based on personas
  • Brief competitive analysis
  • Development of a value proposition for effectives

«Thanks to the workshop on our positioning with Sprachkind, we were able to clarify which offer strategy suits us. Thanks to the visualization of our clients using personas, it became clear to whom we want to offer our services and how we want to do that. Sprachkind’s guidance was clear and well thought out. She managed to open our perspective and encouraged us to think in new ways.»

Daniel Fernandez Managing Director & Partner at effectives GmbH