Services of Sprachkind


Sprachkind Linda is a communication specialist with more than ten years’ experience in public relations and marketing. She is an expert in communication matters for the media, social institutions, service providers, and cultural management.

Sprachkind consults you on all communication matters. On a one-time basis, as a project manager, or as a sparring partner. On a regular assignment or on an hourly basis.

Contact Sprachkind if you need consulting on your communication or if you need support in the process of content creation. In addition, Sprachkind can develop a clear strategy for your communication, identify your USP(s), outline your communication concept, and develop a content strategy together with you.

Consulting Services

Sprachkind Linda is a communications expert with more than ten years’ experience and offers consulting on all matters concerning your communication.

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Concept & Strategy

Sprachkind develops a clear strategy for your communication, identifies your USP(s), outlines your communication concept, and develops a content strategy.

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Content Creation

Either you leave the creation of your content to Sprachkind, or you learn the basics for successful content in workshops.

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